We are a pattern discovery company. We find novel patterns in complex data that cannot be discovered using conventional techniques or tools, even on exascale computers. Check out our One-Pager handout to find out more about who we are, why we focus on pattern discovery, and how we’re different. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to get answers on common questions about our company and technology.

We are not just another machine learning or AI company: we developed a proprietary, end-to-end system for generating new hypotheses and insights from data to help you transform your research or business. Our hypothesis-generating engine is prompting new ways of assessing and solving some of the most difficult and entrenched problems in medical research.

Our early results are helping us forge partnerships with world-class organizations and experts in oncology, systems biology, precision medicine, and microbiome research. Our platform is generating results that aim to advance industry standards in areas such as breast cancer prognostics and the detection of healthy versus disease-state pathways in microbiome and human gut disorders.

How exactly are we doing it? What techniques or algorithms have we developed? Ah, now that’s our secret sauce. We will talk about our results, though - you can check out our newest insights here.


Our CEO, Mark Anderson, has built a long and distinguished career successfully forecasting some of the most significant technological and economic trends across the globe. He credits his success on an ability to discover past trends that will influence future conditions or events. With the rapid expanse of data, he knew the challenge and opportunity for designing and automating a system for pattern discovery – that harnessed the power of complex data - was upon us. And he formed this company to do just that – developing the world’s first Pattern Computer system.

While we could apply our solution toward any domain, our founders and employees universally expressed desire to focus first in the field of medical research, as it presents the most daunting yet immediate promise for life-changing and life-saving contributions to society. Underscoring our mission of:

Solving the most pressing health and societal problems as the global leader in pattern discovery.


We have assembled an amazing team of world-class experts from across a multitude of disciplines. We’ve attracted leaders from the fields of: mathematics, physics, computer science, data science, high performance computing, chemistry, bioinformatics, intellectual property, and corporate strategy. And we are growing, fast!

Meet our founders, board of directors, and advisory board.


We embrace and live 5 core values:

  • We hire world-class talent, with uncompromising integrity and professionalism
  • We collaborate to share ideas, inspire innovation and recognize the power of teamwork
  • We commit to open, honest and collegial communications
  • We pursue bold ambitions, encourage unconventional thinking, and deliver technological breakthroughs through engineering excellence
  • We seek to be a responsible partner with our communities to create a healthier, smarter and safer world

And one more thing – we absolutely love what we do!